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Giving Back to WNKU Touted as a local music icon, David Rhodes Brown has used his extensive talents to write, arrange and record his music; lead, book and perform with his bands and arrange showcases and benefits for other groups and artists. The release of his new CD project has even given birth to a NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL in the Cincinnati scene! Read the Full Story
Browngrass Festival 2011 The decision to move this year's festival outdoors was made to allow for a larger attendance as well as more bands and vendors in a family friendly atmosphere. This will be the first music festival in Rabbit Hash to utilize the permanent bandstand on the banks of the Ohio River. Read the Full Story
An Extravaganza of American Roots Music Ready for some good, old-fashioned, foot-stomping fun? Cincinnati's most talented musicians in American roots music perform an extravaganza of your favorites -  western swing, country, folk, bluegrass, blues, hillbilly jazz, and honky-tonk music - all in one unforgettable show! Read the Full Story
The Man Behind the Music David Rhodes Brown started singing in public as a choir boy. He joined his first band in 1964 and has been writing, playing and singing ever since. But who is David Rhodes Brown and what has made him who he is today? Read the Full Story

Producer Erwin Musper

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Producer Erwin Musper

If you browse through a collection of your favorite rock ‘n roll records, you most likely will read the name of Erwin Musper on quite a few of those legendary productions. He has been involved as a producer and recording or mixing engineer on albums that became our musical road maps. He has recorded with Van Halen and ALL their leading singers; piloted sessions for David Bowie, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi; Mick Jagger and Elton John, Scorpions and Jeff Beck, Chicago and Metallica, and engineered and mixed sessions for Glen Ballard and Dutch superstar Anouk – The list goes on and on! His name appears on more than 80 million albums - and we’re still counting!

Erwin started his career in Europe in the late seventies and moved to the USA in 1991. He perfected his skills through working with producers like Mutt Lange and Bruce Fairbaim and is still busy as a mixing engineer and producer worldwide. (It helps if you can argue in four languages.) Though living in the USA, he feels more like a citizen of the world, embracing cultural and social diversities. Built his first studio in 1976 – with no clue at all – and just built a new one in 2004 - with a wealth of knowledge. And this place could very well become a fertile breeding ground for the next rock ‘n roll generation.


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